The fight for gay and lesbian rights has made significant advances in recent years, but there is still much to do. Our community still endures significant inequality – and we need your help.

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby advocates on behalf of all lesbians and gay men. We provide referral and education resources on gay and lesbian rights to the media, policy makers and the community. 


We lobby politicians, government departments, policy makers and the media to redress discrimination against lesbians and gay men. 

We represent the gay and lesbian community at the local, state and national level through statewide consultations. Our major consultations have highlighted social injustice and legal inequality faced by lesbians and gay men, in areas such as relationship recognition, parenting and adoption rights, workplace discrimination, the age of consent and homophobic violence.

We educate the gay and lesbian community on how to activate their rights. We provide information to the community, media and individuals on gay and lesbian rights and areas of discrimination. We refer clients to legal and welfare services and direct them to ways to enforce their rights. 

We empower the community to take action in the push for equality. The GLRL runs volunteer working groups which organise campaigns and events highlight equality issues.

Want to join us? Become a member and support our continuing fight.