We lobby politicians on a range of issues including parenting rights, domestic and family violence, and LGBTI refugees.

GLRL’s work is broad and involved. We fight daily to ensure equality for LGBTI people on various fronts.

During a strategic evaluation conducted in 2016, the GLRL identified a number of key priorities at each level of government to focus on in 2017 and beyond. They are:


  • Review of NSW Anti Discrimination legislation
  • Conversion therapy
  • Parenting, surrogacy and differential parenting rights
  • A review of the Expungement Scheme to ensure best practice and equitable access
  • Advocacy for funding of homelessness services for LGBTI people
  • Advocacy for funding of LGBTI specific mental health services
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Policing, independent police overnight and scrutiny of Operation Parrabell
  • Advocacy for the retainment of Safe Schools of similar programs in NSW.


  • Vilification protections
  • A research project to establish levels of vilification faced by LGBTI people nationally
  • The removal of exemptions for faith-based organisations receiving Commonwealth funding
  • A national surrogacy framework
  • Marriage equality
  • An inclusive PDHPE curriculum
  • Blood donation
  • The cessation of the National School Chaplaincy Program
  • Reinvigoration of a Frame Work for Human Rights in Australia
  • Processing of asylum seekers, queer and queer friendly services for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, UN humanitarian intake, detention and changing the conversation within the LGBTIQ community.


  • Street light audit in partnership with the City of Sydney and local relationships.