The GLRL is proud to announce the launch of Stand UP!

The GLRL is proud to announce the launch of Stand UP! – our anti-discrimination workshops generously supported by a Commonwealth Attorney-General Human Rights Education Grant.

Our series of rolling, consultative workshops are aimed at uncovering and identifying the areas of life in which people experience discrimination and harassment. They will also provide information on your rights to enjoy a life free of discrimination, and skills on ways to combat and seek redress for harassment

The feedback we receive from you will also provide guidance to the GLRL to make policy recommendations on the consolidation and standardization of anti-discrimination laws federally.

For the first time, we have the opportunity to provide advice on a federal framework for anti-discrimination legislation. Currently anti-discrimination laws on the grounds of sexuality are covered piece-meal by the states, and the current federal government has committed to providing legislation that will include sexuality alongside the existing protections for sex, race, ethnicity, marital status and disability.

Ten workshops will be held over the course of the next year, and focus on different aspects of discrimination faced by different groups in our community – and on what you can do to stand up for your rights if you are faced with discrimination on the grounds of sexuality, starting with a Youth workshop in Parramatta on Wednesday 29 August. Future workshops will focus on how issues of ageing, disability, faith, multiculturalism, sex and gender diversity and more intersect with being gay or lesbian.

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