The Safe Schools program is under attack. Again.

A petition with 17,000 signatures has been tabled in the NSW Parliament, asking the government to end the Safe Schools program in all NSW schools.

Conservative attacks on Safe Schools have been based on scare campaigns and misleading information about what the program involves.

Despite the alarmist headlines, we know that there is broad community support for Safe Schools.

“Research tells us that many young people who are victims of homophobic or transphobic abuse or bullying will attempt self-harm, and it is essential that those young people are supported within their school communities” says Co-convenor Lauren Foy.

Help us stand up to the attacks on the Safe Schools program.

Here is a petition we need you to sign, calling for a commitment to maintain Safe Schools in NSW schools.

“We need to collect at least 10,000 signatures in order to table the petition in Parliament”, informs co-convenor, Chris Pycroft.

Download the petition here, print it out and collect as many signatures as you can to show that people in NSW support Safe Schools.

Or contact us by e-mail and we will email copies of the petition to you. You can post completed petitions to Po Box 304, Sydney NSW 2037

Read more about Safe Schools at

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