Disappointed Nation Steels Itself to Win Unprecedented Civil Rights Survey

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSWGLRL) has called on all Australians to channel their disappointment with today’s High Court outcome into advocating for marriage equality.

“Without doubt today’s decision continues this dark stain on the law-making institutions and traditions of Australia – a nation which likes to think of itself as a strong liberal democracy,” NSWGLRL Convenor Lauren Foy said.

“This is not how we make laws and it should never again be repeated.”

“We must now channel our disappointment into advocacy by talking to friends, neighbours and colleagues about Voting YES – because the only thing worse than this process is losing the survey result,” she said.

Ms Foy also called on the community to report any messages of vilification to NSWGLRL for future representations to Government as well as to Police if they believe an offence has been committed.

“We support both free speech and mutual respect, and messages of vilification have no place in our communities or in this debate.

“If you see a clear example send it to the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby via the contact details on our website – and if you think an offence has been committed contact Police or seek legal advice,” Ms Foy said.

NSWGLRL encouraged the community to stay strong amidst the ongoing campaign to delegitimise LGBTI rights, including from national figureheads.

“Most thinking Australians see the actions of these powerful, well-funded individuals for what they are – self-serving, desperate and divisive.”

“A favourable postal survey result won’t stop Tony Abbott or Lyle Shelton from opposing us and trying to delegitimise our clear legal claim for equality before the law.”

“We want everyone in the community to know we won’t stop fighting for equal rights and we will support the community every step of the way on the road to equality,” Ms Foy concluded.


For further comment please contact Lauren Foy, Convenor NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby.

M: 0421 447 026

E: convenors@glrl.org.au

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