New Committee of Management for NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

The fight for LGBTI rights has made significant advances in recent years, but there is still much to do – and the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby is leading the charge.

At the recent Annual General Meeting the Lobby’s Committee of Management was refreshed, with new members bringing a range of skills and experience.

Members of the Committee include experts in human rights and discrimination law, community development, and mental health marketing.

“It is an honour to work with such a dedicated team, and an exciting time to be involved,” the Co-convenors said.

“We are witnessing a dramatic change in the way LGBTI people are viewed in Australian society, but there remains a tremendous amount of work to do.”

It was noted at the AGM that in 2018 the Lobby will celebrate 30 years of continual advocacy.

“In 2018 the Lobby will celebrate 30 years of advocacy for vital law reforms affecting LGBTI communities – from decriminalisation of homosexuality through to marriage equality,” the Co-convenors said.

“We look forward to sharing a moment with you as we host a range of events, to consider what achieving and maintaining full equality looks like – and of course, to celebrate how far we’ve come!”

NSW GLRL’s Annual Report documents the group’s steps towards legal reform and equality for the state’s LGBTI residents, highlighting:

• The preparation of 11 detailed submissions to Government or Parliamentary Inquiries

• The development of a geo-mapping project to highlight hotspots of vilification across NSW, in partnership with Monash University and ACON

• The landmark national media moment of presenting 12 years’ worth of your Equality hearts on the front lawns of Australian Parliament

• Appreciation to the amazing volunteers who helped the Lobby participate in 10 community based events

• We partnered to host the biggest pro LGBTI rally seen in NSW’s history

• We participated in 104 stakeholder and community meetings

• We provided 347 media interviews and comments nationally and internationally.

According to the report, the organisation’s goals for the year ahead include working on combatting discrimination, especially removing exemptions for religious organisations. Legislation needs to address the fundamental right to equality and non-discrimination before the law and corresponding rights to security of the person within the context of a Human Rights Framework, comprehensive state and federal vilification and discrimination protections and safety for young LGBTI people and rainbow families.

Our law reform priorities.


The removal of exemptions for faith based organisations receiving Commonwealth funding

Comprehensive Federal Vilification Protections

A national Surrogacy Framework

Reinvigoration of a Frame Work for Human Rights in Australia

Processing of Asylum seekers, queer and queer friendly services for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, UN humanitarian intake, detention and shifting the conversation within LGBTIQ communities about intersectionality, human rights and equality

Marriage Equality*


The re-introduction of Safe Schools or a similar anti bullying program in NSW

Review of NSW Anti-Discrimination and Vilification legislation

Banning of Conversion/Reparative therapy

A review of the Expungement (conviction for homosexual activity prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality NSW) Scheme to ensure best practice and equitable access

Independent police oversight and scrutiny of Operation Parrabell


Street Light Audit in partnership with the City of Sydney and Local relationships

Development of a Pride Centre in the Inner West

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