Religious Freedoms Report signals social cohesion and the rights of Australian Kids now at risk from Canberra

After media leaks today from the ‘Religious Freedoms’ Report, both major federal political parties must immediately rule out legislating discrimination against LGBTI Australians, warned the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby today.
“This is about our children and the type of country we all want to live in,” Lobby Co-Convenor Lauren Foy said.
“Do we want to live in a country where thousands of young LGBTI kids are being taught their innate sexuality, their gender, or their choice of relationship is wrong or immoral or unnatural?”
After the revealing health and wellbeing impacts of the marriage survey on LGBTI Australians twelve months ago, GLRL has warned of the impacts of further government-endorsed discrimination.
“Twelve months ago, we saw demand for mental health services spike because of the Government’s marriage survey which put the innate rights of LGBTI Australians up for public debate,” Foy said.
“It feels like we are back here again. Can you imagine the mental health impacts on young Australians if the Federal Government legislates to support religious schools teaching our children that their sexuality – that who they are – is wrong?”
NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Co-Convenor James Bolster called on leaders to remember the enormity of the 2017 vote for equality for LGBTI Australians.
“After the unprecedented scale of the last year’s victory for equality for LGBTI Australians, it is on all parliamentarians to respect the will of the people, and to back in the rights of young LGBTI kids at religious schools.”
“Our Parliamentarians should remember that Australians did not support further discrimination against LGBTI people – they supported equality. The same message should be heeded by anyone wanting to be a parliamentarian, including candidates in Wentworth.”
Wentworth recorded an 81% result in favour of equal marriage rights for LGBTI couples in 2017.
“Unless our representatives rule out this proposal, it puts so much at risk – it risks our social cohesion by pitting religious communities against other minorities; it risks the rights of Australian kids to be raised in supportive environments free from harm.”
Today, 10 October, is World Mental Health Day.

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