Become a Silver Supporter

This year is the 25th anniversary of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, and in acknowledgement of that milestone we would like to invite the community to become Silver Supporters of the GLRL!
We are seeking 250 people to donate $25 a month to enable us to continue to our work of lobbying politicians to achieve equality for the gay and lesbian community in the eyes of the law, keeping you up to date on your rights, and supporting you to enforce them.
The GLRL receives no ongoing funding from government, and is reliant on community support to continue our work.
We’ve had a lot of successes over the last 25 years, including adoption and surrogacy reform (2010), recognition of parental status for co-mothers in NSW (2008), federal reform granting de facto equality for same-sex couples (2008), equal age of consent (2003), next of kin and relationship rights in NSW (1999) and the introduction of anti-vilification legislation (1993), and many more.
However there is still a lot of work to do. The GLRL is currently working on:

    • the consolidation of federal anti-discrimination legislation, which will hopefully for the first time provide
    • protection on the groups of sexuality and gender identity
    • providing education forums to the community around how to enforce our rights under existing NSW anti-discrimination legislation
    • lobbying for marriage equality
    • partnering with other organisations to address homophobic bullying in schools
    • domestic violence
    • the defence of provocation (“gay panic defence”)

…and many more

While we would like to hope we won’t be necessary in another 25 years, the reality is that our community is still a long way from achieving equality, and many of us still experience homophobia in some area of our lives.

Become a Silver Supporter today to help ensure that we’re here to keep fighting the fight in the future.

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