History of the Lobby

Since 1988, the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby has been leading the fight for substantive equality and social justice for lesbians, gay men and their families in NSW.
Our campaigns and advocacy have led to key reforms including:

1990 – Introduction of Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLOs) across NSW police stations.

1991 – Establishment of the Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project.

1993 – Introduction of homosexual anti-vilification legislation.

1998 – Establishment of a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer in the NSW Attorney General’s Department.

1999 – Property, hospital, next of kin, inheritance and relationship rights for same-sex couples in NSW.

2003 – Equal age of consent.

2004 – First recognition of same-sex relationships in federal superannuation legislation.

2008 – Recognition of parental status for co-mothers in NSW.

2008 – 58 ’08 federal same-sex reforms: equal de facto rights for same-sex couples in areas including tax, super, immigration, social security, Medicare, aged care, veterans’ and defence entitlements, family law and child support.

2010 – Introduction of a NSW Relationships Register.

2010 – Reforms to ensure adoption equality and altruistic surrogacy in NSW.

2011 – National Human Rights Action Plan introduced.

2012 – NSW Legislative Council passed a motion endorsing marriage equality.
Our current campaigns focus on comprehensive federal anti-discrimination legislation and marriage equality. You can find out more about our history by reading our Annual Reports.

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