We continue to work with our vast network of national partners to achieve marriage equality in Australia at long last.

Momentum for change continues to grow and GLRL is at the marriage equality battle frontline with a number of organisations.

The government continues to insist that a plebiscite is the only way it is willing to move forward on the issue. Our view remains that the most efficient way of dealing with marriage equality is with a vote in the Parliament.

We continue to lobby politicians and work alongside allies to oppose unworkable and unjust approaches to progress.

We have also facilitated a national mental health response to the changing and increasing needs of LGBTI people during the time of heightened and highly publicised judgement of our lives. In short, this ongoing and unnecessary debate is hurting people and we’re working to address that.

Like many, we want equality in a way that causes the least amount of harm to our community. We also want true equality – not a watered down version of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

GLRL is part of a network of national partners fighting every day to make marriage equality a reality at long last.