GLRL leadership stronger than ever following AGM

Since establishment in 1988, the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby has played a significant role in the nation’s LGBTI cultural identity.

An ambitious undertaking at the time, it remains a powerful symbol of modern social reform for LGBTI people.

“We have made significant contributions to law reform and social change, guiding and shaping the private and public narratives of rights and freedoms for LGBTI people with diplomacy, integrity and collaboration” informs Co-convenor Lauren Foy.

At the same time, the environment in which the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby operates has evolved in ways that were impossible to anticipate at the time of inception. Technology, in particular, has advanced at great speed, and with it, the needs and expectations of members and community alike, have shifted.

We have seen a shift in the public narrative about how rights are sought and have embarked on deep refection following Orlando, and what that means for cultures like ours in an every increasingly volatile and hostile world.

We have experienced our own personal threats to safety and incomprehensibly try to gage what this would be like in isolated communities as our lives and loves are increasingly put under a microscope, informs Co-convenor, Chris Pycroft.

We have embarked on a staged suite of projects with this in consideration, which will ensure the organisation and representation we seek to provide remains as relevant in the future as it has been until now. We remain mindful that we must be balanced with careful project management, and above all, our responsibility to remain steady and focused in stewardship, says Ms Foy.

“To manage the intersectionalities and complexities of reform, our people and culture need to remain strong. We are building an organisation with depth, drive and resilience to deliver refreshed strategic priorities that better align with the work we understand to be vital to our communities’ safety” says Mr Pycroft.

We pay tribute to our volunteers and our Committee of Management and welcome those newly elected, whose effort, commitment and resilience in adversity underpins our determination to live up to the promise of advocating for substantive legislative and social change for our communities, in everything we do.

The result in America is already emboldening the ultra right wing political brigade in Australia. It’s never been more important to have strong, progressive representation in politics and in activism than now.

As we welcome GLRL’s incumbent leaders, we ask for your support to make us stronger than we’ve ever been before. We need to protect what we have, and keep fighting for what we lack says Ms Foy.

It’s your turn now to take action.

Become a member of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby today.

2016-2017 GLRL Committee of Management: Chris Pycroft (Male Co-convenor), Lauren Foy (Female Co-convenor), Jordan Hardy, Benjamin Oh, Ben Crompton, Vic Pye, Rebekah Hitchenson, Melinda Edwards, Cec Busby, Shannon Molloy, Tom Anderson, James Bolster, Cameron Darling, Neph Wake.

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